FRS Starts River Tours In Lisbon This Saturday

The service will begin with two daily round trips, with a second tour set against the backdrop of a special sunset. Based on tourist demand, FRS Portugal will potentially add two additional roundtrips at a date to be announced. Reservations for the tours are being accepted online starting May 26 at or directly at the terminal located at the Sul e Sueste River Station.

"We are pleased that the pandemic in Portugal has been reduced further and is enabling a strong and robust resumption of tourism in the region," said Moritz Bruns, FRS Group Commercial and Business Development Director and CEO of FRS Portugal Unipessoal, Lda. "The entire tourism industry has suffered tremendously in the past year. It is encouraging to see Lisbon rejuvenating again and we are honored to offer our river tour service not only to locals but to tourists as we integrate into the fabric of this lively city," said Bruns.

FRS Portugal's 37m motorboat will be the vessel plying the Tagus on these excursions. The convertible option of the vessel is a perfect match for a pleasant scenic ride on the Tagus River. Under the open sky, passengers can fully enjoy the charisma of the lively metropolis, with various snacks and drinks included in the ticket. "We purposely selected this boat from our fleet of more than 70 vessels around the world to provide our guests with a unique and magical perspective of the beauty of the city of Lisbon" said Bruns.

The daily operations in Lisbon will take place under the responsibility of Svenja Wulff, former Director of Business Development Projects at FRS headquarters, who has successfully conducted several projects around the world and has now moved to Lisbon to take the helm of local development for FRS Portugal. local development of FRS Portugal. Wulff will have in these tours the support of a highly talented and qualified local and international team.