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Screen on the vessel with information about the bridge 25 de Abril with the actual bridge in the background.

Onboard Entertainment System

In our onboard entertainment system, you will find a lot of interesting information about the sights of Lisbon, the vessel and the current route.

The unique aspect of this system is that the information is always displayed at the right moment: For example, if we pass the statue of Christ, the corresponding information text is shown on the screens on board at that exact moment. Or when entering or leaving the port, for example, appropriate instructions are displayed. Of course, you will also find up-to-date information on COVID-19 to ensure your safety on board.

The entertainment system can also be accessed on mobile devices, adapted to mobile screens of course. Here, you can also have the information relevant to the sight displayed or even (tip for the curious!) click through in advance and individually at your own pace. In addition, the information is read aloud and can be played in the desired language via headphones.



Snacks & Beverages

What belongs to a relaxing vacation? The right catering, of course. That's why we offer delicious snacks like olives and dips on board. This way you can experience Lisbon with all your senses.

And, not to be missed, is the right wine. We are at your service!

  • The boat on the Tagus River, cruising in the direction of the bridge Ponte 25 de Abril and the statue of Christ the King.

    Lisbon with all your senses



Equipped For Disabled

Due to a stable ramp, we can welcome guests in wheelchairs on board. In the front part of the vessel there is a handicapped accessible restroom. We would appreciate if you let us know in advance during the online booking process if you would like assistance.

Ramp guiding to the entrance to the ship.
A woman is pushing a man in a wheelchair.



Flexible Chair Concept

You can even easily host events hassle-free thanks to our customizable chair concept. Charter our modern Aqua Convertible to create a very special location and atmosphere that your guests will surely remember for a long time.

Just contact us at [email protected].