• When A Ship Comes Flying

    Transfer • Dutch special freighter collects "Hanseblick" in Bremerhaven

    (Press Release in German)

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  • German FRS Will Provide Daily Panoramic Visits On The Tagus River

    FRS, a shipping company based in Flensburg (Germany), has just won a tender to operate, for five years, as a cruise tour operator on the Tagus River.

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  • German Tour Operator FRS Begins Tours On The Tagus River In May

    Transportation operator FRS, based in Flensburg, Germany, has announced that it will begin running daily tours on the Tagus River starting May 15th.

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  • FRS Launches Brand New River Tour Excursions in Lisbon

    Daily panoramic tours on the Tagus River in Portugal’s capital city begin May 15th.

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  • German FRS Starts Tours On The Tagus In May

    The shipping company will ensure daily sightseeing tours in Lisbon starting mid-May. 

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  • The "Hanseblick" Is Made Ready For The Transport

    To do this, the almost 40-meter-long ship has to be lifted out of the water – no easy task for the Barth shipyard.

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